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With RBL Color for Urban Trends your creativity has no limits!

Stylists are also artists, we can create thousands of wonders with our clients’ hair, but like any good artist, we need to have the perfect tool to make our work of art shine and this is possible thanks to Nutrapél Professional Hair Care and its RBL Color for Urban Trends hair color line.

We know that there are many clients who love to wear their hair different, full of color, full of life and that sometimes even in the dark, it shines. You can find all this in RBL Color for Urban Trends, which has 23 long-lasting semi-permanent shades.

In addition, you can give free rein to your imagination and create your own range of colors by mixing the shades you like best.

Or, if your client is a lover of pastel shades, don’t worry, RBL Color for Urban Trends has 5 direct pastel shades such as: Polar Gray, Opal, Lilac, Blueberry and Mint.

But, if these shades are not enough for you, the RBL Color for Urban Trends line allows you to transform the actual shade into a pastel tone of your choice, thanks to its pastel cream that decreases the intensity of the shade.

And, if you thought that was all, Nutrapél Professional Hair Care will surprise you as always, because the RBL Color for Urban Trends line has 5 neon shades that glow with black light!

No urban color line offers you everything at the same time. Discover our products:

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