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Soavence line for Professional use

Nutrapél Professional Hair Care offers Soavence as a back bar hair care line.

With our styling products, in Nutrapél Professional Hair Care,

you can count on the maximum design created to be used on any type of hair, whether damaged, dyed, mistreated, delicate, fine, etc., since we have 2 different lines of shampoos designed for the most delicate hair, as well as our conditioner and modeling gel.

Soavence Clarifying Shampoo for all hair types. p.H 7.0, 118.3 oz

The Soavence Clarifying Shampoo was created for deep cleansing, as it helps remove impurities and build-up of the hair. Without a doubt, it can be used by both men and women.
We recommend using this shampoo before performing a keratin or straightening treatment, as it is necessary to prepare the hair and scalp so that the components can be absorbed into the hair fiber.

Soavence Shampoo Herbal p.H 4.5 118.3 oz

The Soavence Herbal Shampoo was created especially to be used for after chemical treatments, since it neutralizes the effects of alkaline substances providing softness and shine.
Soavence Herbal Shampoo is ideal for use after any color or lightening treatment.

Soavence Cream Conditioner p.H 3.5 118.3 oz

After washing the hair, it is always advisable to use a conditioner that does not overload the hair, avoid frizz and static, in addition to offering softness and shine, for this reason Nutrapél Professional Hair Care, has designed the Soavence Cream Conditioner pH 3.5 that provides shine and hair care.
Soavence Cream Conditioner can be used on any type of hair.

Soavence Hair Styling Gel 35.27 oz

Maintaining the hairstyle most of the time is essential, but in addition to taking care of the hairstyle, it is necessary to take care of the hair, so your clients should wear a natural hairstyle, without using alcohol-based products.

Nutrapél Professional Hair Care has created an exclusive Styling Gel formula that leaves no residue, does not contain alcohol, offers a flexible and long lasting hold, as well as natural shine and total control of the hairstyle.

Where can you get our Nutrapél Professional Hair Care products?

Very easy, visit register, make your purchase and we will send it to the door of your beauty salon!

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