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Recover the natural beauty of hair with Keráctive Moroccan

Restructures hair from roots to ends.

We experts know that, it is undeniable that the hair becomes damaged over time for 3 great reasons.

1. Chemical damage.
Chemical processes such as dyes or straightening with commercial products dry the hair and modify its natural structure, for this reason this damage is very deep and difficult to repair.

2. Thermal damage: Believe it or not, the sun is one of the main natural factors that damage the hair cuticle, causing loss of the protective layer and moisture retention in the hair. In addition, styling tools such as irons, dryers or forceps also cause damage to the hair, causing it to lose its hydration.

3. Mechanical damage. This type of damage is caused (unknowingly) by ourselves, by brushing, stretching, tying and not taking essential care when handling hair.

Some of the damage, we can avoid such as chemical or mechanical damage, but what about thermal damage caused by the sun and humidity? This type of damage, however much we try to avoid, is natural.

For this reason, at Nutrapél Professional Hair Care we have created the Keráctive Moroccan line that restores natural beauty to the hair thanks to its formula with Argan Oil, also known as Moroccan Liquid Gold and a balanced combination of vitamin-rich natural oils such as Vitamins A, D and E, which repair, restructure and protect the hair fiber.

It is important to mention that the products of the Keráctive Moroccan line are FREE OF PARABENS, therefore it is free of preservatives and contains only products of natural origin.

The Keráctive Moroccan line has 3 products that ensure its effectiveness:

1. Keráctive Moroccan Shampoo with Argan Oil, 10.14 oz.
2. Keráctive Moroccan Restorative Treatment with Argan Oil, 12.6 oz.
3. Keráctive Moroccan Argan Oil, 4.7 oz

How to acquire the Keráctive Moroccan line?

• If it is the first time that you purchase a Nutrapel product, register by CLICKING HERE
• IF you already have your registration, then CLICK HERE
• Select the Keráctiv Moroccan products
• Click on “Chekout” and voila, you can finalize your purchase

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