UHD® Ultra High Definition Color Performance, Permanent Hair Color Cream, Formula 1:1.5, 3.2 oz


Formula developed with an Artichoke derivative that helps to preserve the bonding of the cuticular scales, preserving the natural hair Keratin during coloring. Achieves perfect gray coverage with superior conditioning.

Nutrapél Professional Hair Colors are 100% designed to work perfectly on dark and / or coarse hair such as Latin, Multicultural,  Asian hair,  Afro-Latin, etc….

UHDcp  Ultra High Definition Color Performance assures you a maximum Gray Hair Coverage thanks to its formulation added with the Artichoke extract and Collagen for superior conditioning. In addition, its exclusive formula is LOW IN AMMONIA.

UHDcp has a wide range of colors with 38 shades where the Natural is added to the formula already. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD  EXTRA NATURAL HAIR COLOR TO THE MIXTURE TO ACHIEVE GRAY COVERAGE!!!!

One tube is perfect to achieve a PERFECT AND EVEN GRAY coverage. 100% Guaranteed!

Formula 1: 1 1/2   Net: 3.2oz    20 volume developer is recommended for 100% coverage.


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Permanent Hair Color Cream 3.2 oz.
Formula developed with an artichoke derivative that helps preserve the cohesion of the cuticle scales, preserving the natural keratin of the hair during coloring. Get perfect coverage results and healthy hair in each color.

Fórmula 1 : 1 ½.
Máxima Cobertura de Cana GARANTIZADA.

Con extracto de Alcachofa para un acondicionamiento superior.
Fórmula baja en amoniaco.