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Pastelice your shades with RBL by Nutrapél Professional Hair Care

Have you not managed to pastel the tones as your clients ask? RBL is your best solution

We are still in quarantine and what better time to know products that allow us to achieve pastel shades without damaging hair,

than today! Have you ever tried to pastel a shade and you have not succeeded? Do not worry! With RBL this is very simple.

This time, we will explain step by step how to achieve a pastel purple thanks to RBL.

1. You need 1.5 linear inches of RBL purple and 1 oz. of Pastelice Cream. You can help yourself with the printed ruler that comes in the box on your RBL dye to measure.
2. Mix the dye with 1 oz. of Pastelice Cream until you get a uniform mixture.
3. Pour the tone you want to paste into another bowl. This time we will use the “pastel opal pink”
4. You must work on a previously lightened base to achieve the tone you want.
5. Begin to apply the pastel purple that you prepared in point 1, only on the roots covering a maximum of 1.5 linear inches of the hair. Remember to take thin sections to achieve a uniform color.
6. Apply the shade “pastel opal pink” leaving a separation between the base of the purple and the pink of approximately 1 inch.
7. Apply the base of the pastel purple in the previous space until you join it with the “opal pink”, so that you achieve the desired effect.
8. Process for 45 minutes.
9. Wash with shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.
10. Apply Keractive Infinity Color Care Intensive treatment for better results.
11. Rinse and go!

Note: To pastel other RBL shades, you can consult the table of proportions that is included in the Pastelice Cream box.

If you want to see how to do it, you can click here so that you can follow the instructions step by step.

Where can you get RBL dyes and Pastelice Cream to achieve this effect? Very simple, click here and get it without leaving home!

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