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Nutrapél Professional Hair Care: Insta Freeze

Insta Freeze, Maximum Definition and Control

We know how important it is for you and your customers to maintain as long as possible a hairstyle, which looks like fresh and the salon.

So having products that offer you a high degree of fixing for hairstyles, that are of high quality and that meet your goal and user expectations is our goal. That is why in Nutrapél Professional Hair Care we have created our Insta Freeze line to ensure the fixing of hairstyles.

The line of finishing and stylized, Insta Freeze, offers maximum fixation and resistance to moisture with agents that form a film that help ensure the fixation of the product to the hair and protect from the humidity of the environment, challenging gravity and maintaining the Hair with your hairstyle for longer.

The quality of Insta Freeze offers, in addition to care:

• Hair shine
• Achieve a long-lasting hairstyle
• Maximum fixation

Among our range of Insta Freeze products you can find:

• Instafreeze build & sculpt Hair Spray: It helps you achieve maximum definition for long-lasting hairstyles with extreme fixation that does not leave a sticky feeling and leaves no residue. It helps to sculpt, stylize or curl the hair.
• Instafreeze Finishing Spray: Moisture resistant, leaves no residue and has quick drying formula.
• Instafreeze Wet Gel: With high fixation technology helps achieve a wet hair effect throughout the day

Meet all Insta Freeze products by clicking here

Your customers deserve the best products for your hairstyle, if you are interested in acquiring Insta Freeze, find your nearest distributor or become one of our distributors by clicking here

Remember that our line is distributed in Houston, Chicago, New Jersey, Orlando, Salt Lake City, North California, Philadelphia, Grandview WA., San Antonio and North Carolina, Dallas and Fort Worth.

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