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Nutrapél coloring: Color Tech, Permanent Hair Color Cream

In Nutrapél Professional Hair Care we have a wide range of products for a 100% professional coloration, which in addition to taking care of your clients’ hair, will make them wear a fashionable hair.

Color Tech, Permanent Hair Color Cream
Thanks to NANOBOND technology, this Permanent Hair Color Cream brings great benefits such as:

• Shine and softness to the hair
• Color retention
• Increase hair strength

Formula with NANOBOND technology, which is specialized for hair caire. Contains a complex of amino acids that interacts with hair fiber to help strengthen the hair structure, repairs hair damage, and helps to protect the hair against color fading.

Among the Color Tech color gamut you can find tones:

• Natural
• Gold
• Beige / Pearl
• Chocolates
• Reds
• Neutralize Red Tones
• Warm Mocha
• Deep Violet
• Copper
• Ultra Lift, Beige Platinum
• Ash
• Deep Ash, ideals to counteract brassy tones

In addition, we also have a new era of hair coloring with Minerals and Roses so that your clients can wear a hair with unique tones.

Note: For you to achieve these tones it is necessary that you follow the instructions to the letter:

Step 1. You must apply on a previously discolored base
Step 2. It is necessary that the tone with a 10 or 20 volume developer
For Quartz, Moonshine and Mauve tones you should have a shades for 10 – 15 minutes.
For Silver, Silver Pink, Baby Rose, Diamond Pink and Crystal Rose shades for 45 tones.
If what you are looking for is to offer your client a more ornate color tone, we have for you Color Recharged Tech, Permanent Hair Color Cream.

This range of colors offer intense color-laden tones with great lightening power.
As with the pink tones, to obtain the result High Definition Booster and High Performance Illuminator, its recommended to apply the tone of your choice an a completely discolored base. This dye does not require a color developer, so you should apply it directly to the hair as directed.
You can purchase your Color Tech Color Book by clicking on the following link

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