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Neon colors that glow under UV light? Of course, it’s possible with RBL® by Nutrapel Professional!

As beauty professionals, we know it is no longer enough to get new colors for our clients to have original and fearless hair. RBL® by Nutrapel Professional goes even further with its NEON COLORS that, in addition to having five super original shades, also GLOW UNDER BLACK LIGHT!

RBL® neon shades are fantasy shades that can be applied very quickly and have fun colors, such as:

– Spark Orange – Buy by clicking here 👉 (
– Kiwi – Purchase by clicking here 👉 (
– Lizard – Buy by clicking here 👉 (
– Banana – Buy by clicking here 👉 (
– Cotton Pink – Buy by clicking here 👉 (

Nutrapel Professional Tip:
To achieve the RBL® Neon shades as you see them in your color range, it is necessary to apply it on previously lightened hair over a PALE YELLOW BASE.

How to properly apply RBL® Neon Shades?

To achieve a pale yellow base, it is essential to lighten the hair with optimal results; we recommend using RBL bleach (, 30 vol. Platinoxide peroxide ( and Alkemist® System step 1 (

2. Lighten the hair as usual and rinse.
3. At the end of the lightening process, wash the hair and apply Alkemist® System step 2 (
4. For the neon tones, you don’t need to add anything to the dye; you can apply it directly to lightened hair and create magic in your client’s hair.
5. Once the dye has been applied, you can give the hair a 45-minute processing time and rinse as usual.
6. And that’s it; it’s quick and easy, and your clients will be able to wear beautiful neon tones!
7. To make the color last longer, we recommend applying Pure Vials to lock in the color in the cortex and seal completely the cuticle (

All RBL® hair colors are pure and vibrant tones, ammonia-free, easy to apply, and, most importantly, they have THE LONGEST LASTING DURATION.

Dare to take hair coloring to the next level and offer your customers bold new shades with RBL®.

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