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Keratin recovery for weak hair with Keractive Pure

All hair experts know what keratin is, but it never hurts to remember it.

Keratin is a proteian generated by the body with a very resistant structure, although, unfortunately,

it is produced in little amounts and is being lost due to constant exposure to chemical, thermal and/or mechanical processes.

Thanks to the experts at Nutrapel Professional, recovering this lost keratin and making hair look healthy and nourished is very easy thanks to Keractive Pure.

What is Keractive Pure?

Keractive Pure is an immediate and progressive repair hair treatment that recovers extremely damaged hair with Biomimetic Keratin technology and, together with its powerful active ingredients, reconstructs the hair fiber from the inside, immediately reducing hair porosity.

How does Keractive Pure work?

Keractive Pure consists of 2 steps that complement each other to recover the natural hair keratin:

* Biomimetic Keratin Filler Leave-in Treatment to restore keratin loss that replenishes hair fibers.

* Vials – Intensive Biomimetic Keratin Filler and Cuticle Bio-cauterization with Keratin Micro-spheres that cauterize and seal the hair surface.

Advantages of  using Keractive Pure by Nutrapel Professional for hair:

Biomimetic Keratin SOS Emergency Serum.

* Strengthens and improves damaged or weakened hair structure.

* Intensely repairs and provides structural strength to the hair.

* Significantly reduces porosity.

* Immediate shine and silkiness.

Keractive Pure Vials with Bio-Cauterization Spheres

* Aligns the cuticle providing smoothness.

* Renews the hair fiber.

* Protects against breakage.

* Hair is much easier to comb, as hair is softer, silkier and smoother, which makes it easier to comb.

* Keratin Micro-spheres are activated with heat by blow drying and flat Ironing.

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What are you waiting for, to start taking care of your clients’ hair with Keractive Pure?

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