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Kerácive Infinity Color to take care of the duration of the tint?

What product can I recommend to take care of the color after a tint?

It has happened to all of us that when our clients leave the salon they shine a beautiful, radiant hair, full of light, but after a week all that luminosity has been in the past, how can you make your clients look beautiful hair longer? ? Kerácive Infinity Color, is the answer to your problems.

Kerácive Infinity Color, will help you maintain an intense and brilliant color for longer, since it protects and prolongs the color after any chemical process.

Kerácive Infinity Color provides great benefits such as:

• Help restore the natural PH of the hair
• Protects color and seals the cuticle
• It is free of parabens
• Keeps hair shiny and intense
• Reduces color fading with each wash
• Increases hair resistance

How to do it?

Very easy!

• Apply Kerácive Infinity Color Shampoo on damp hair
• Rinse thoroughly
• Apply Color Care Intense Repair on wet hair to all hair
• Leave the product to work for 10 minutes
• Rinse thoroughly
• Comb as usual

With these simple steps, we assure you that your hair tone will last much longer.

Where to buy Kerácive Infinity Color?

• If it is the first time that you purchase a Nutrapel product, register by CLICKING HERE
• IF you already have your registration, then CLICK HERE
• Select the amount of Kerácive Infinity Color Shampoo you require and the Kerácive Infinity Color Intensive Treatment.
• Click on “Chekout” and voila, you can finalize your purchase

Remember we have free shipping on the minimum purchase of $ 50 USD!

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