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Introducing Nutrapél Professional’s new Color Tech Copper’s Collection

We recently unveiled the new Color Tech formula for your clients to achieve radiant and intense color thanks to our advanced BioTech Nutritive Technology that acts in a dual way, maximizing the color particles and intelligently repairing the damage detected in the hair before coloring, providing structural strength to the hair.

Your clients’ hair will achieve intense color with the new BioTech Intelligent Repair Technology thanks to its process:

1. Thanks to its explosive color molecules, the hair acquires an intense color.
2. Intelligently repairs the damage during the process.
3. Seals the cuticles at the end of the process to give strength to the hair.

Today, we’re introducing our new bold and luminous brunettes that your clients have been wanting to wear so much:

Golden Copper Light Blonde 8.43
Intense Copper Blonde 8.44
Reddish Copper Blonde 7.46

Top Secret!!!

Nutrapél Professional Tips!

We are going to give you one of our secret formulas to achieve a radiant Copper tone:

Make the mixture of 1 oz. of RBL Powder Lightener with 3 oz. of 20 volume peroxide and 1 packet of Alkemist System step 1 and let it sit until the hair reaches a lightening level 8 (yellow orange).

Once you have the hair with the above-mentioned lightened level, prepare equal parts of the copper colors (1 tube of 7.46 and 1 tube of 8.44) before adding the color developer.

According to the ratio of the formula 1: 1 ½, mix 3 oz. of 20 volume color developer, mix well and add one packet of Alkemist System step 1.

Apply as usual and let stand for 45 minutes.

Rinse as usual, blow dry and style.

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What are you waiting for to show your clients an incredible and trendy copper tone full of brightness and intensity?

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