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Intensive treatments for hair care without leaving home – Keractive

If your clients look for you during this quarantine, commenting that they urgently

require an intensive treatment that takes care of their hair, since they cannot leave for their customary treatment in the beauty salon, recommend Keractive Intensive Treatments.

Keractive Intensive treatments work perfectly for damaged hair that can be used at home without the need for professional advice.

– Provide shine
– Condition intensively
– Seal the cuticle, thanks to its protective mesh effect
– Offer anti-break action

Nutrapél Professional Hair Care has created 4 magnificent products for every need and type of hair to keep it healthy, even without the need to go to a professional for its application and to maintain a healthy scalp, without leaving the house.

Keractive 911 Vials

They are 12 excellent ampoules that rebuild and strengthen the hair fiber, from the roots to the ends. They moisturize hair that has been chemically highly processed offering an anti-break action.

Keractive 911 Integral Hair Treatment Set of Shampoo Purifiant 911 Leave and 2 Vials

This intensive care kit offers you its exclusive formula with macadamia oil, rich in Vitamin E and panthenol that provide instantly smooth and silky hair.

Keractive Nutritive Vials Bamboo, Green Tea and Amino Acids

If your client is looking for quick nutrition and to regain strength for dehydrated hair, the best option you can recommend is Keractive Nutritive Vials Bamboo, Green Tea and Amino Acids. Thanks to its exclusive formula, it provides elasticity, handling and easy detangling with a smooth hair fiber and softness to the touch.

Keractive Pure Vials – Intensive Biomimetic Keratin Filler and Cuticle Biocauterization

To replace the lost keratin from the hair, we have the best technology in Biomimetic Keratin. Thanks to its Bio-cauterization spheres they restructure and seal the hair surface, protecting against breakage.

In this way, your clients can have healthy hair without having to leave the house.

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