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Goodbye dry hair, welcome hydrated hair, thanks to Hidra-Active Keratin!

The best keratin restoration treatment comes to your salon, thanks to Nutrapel Professional Hair Care!

Thanks to its active ingredients and its exclusive dual action formula, it contributes to the intelligent repair of damaged hair by moisturizing and repairing it, as it acts by forming a hydroscopic film that allows us to offer you our “MSRE”:

– Moisturizing

– Strengthening

– Repairing

– Elasticity contribution

In addition, our new Hidro-Active Keratin is very easy and practical to use, so applying it in your salon does not involve long hours of treatment like other products on the market and consists of only 3 quick steps:

Step 1: After shampooing, remove excess water and apply to your hair, massaging gently.

Step 2: Let it sit for 10 minutes

Step 3: Rinse with plenty of water and style.

Hidra-Active Keratin comes in two cream presentations:

– Small jar 12.6 oz

– Large presentation 1 Kg / 35.3oz

If you are a stylist, you can purchase our new Hidra-Active Keratin by sending us 📲 WhatsApp to 👉 (210) 237-6677

We are waiting for your message!

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