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Exclusive Nutrapél Bundles for your Beauty Salon

Nutrapél Professional Hair Care always thinking about your needs

Do you know what are the most basic products that your beauty salon should have to offer your services? Nooo? Just relax! At Nutrapél Professional Hair Care,

we know just what you should acquire, either for the first time, or to refill your beauty salon with our Bundles.

In Nutrapél Professional Hair Care, we have 7 magnificent Bundles that we have created so that your aesthetic has just the necessary products that you need to work, both from our UHC line and from Color Tech and RBL.

In our Color Tech line you can find 3 magnificent Bundles:

Color Tech Small Sample Kit

We know that when you start your beauty salon you may not have enough knowledge about what are the most commonly requested tones, or what is the exact amount you should ask your provider. It is for this reason that in Nutrapél Professional Hair Care, we have created our Color Tech Small Sample Kit for you to start working without fear of not having the dye tone that your client requests.

With the Bundle Small you can get 12 tones of the most requested so that you start with the right foot without fear of not having what your customers request.

Color Tech Medium Sample Kit

With this magnificent Bundle, your room can start up little by little, since we have prepared this kit with some of the most necessary elements to start. This Color Tech Medium Sample Kit consists of: Color Tech Color Book + 14 Color Tech Colors. Just what you need to have a wider range of colors to offer your customers.

Color Tech Large Sample Kit

But if you are already an expert and require more tones, or a more complete kit. We have prepared for you a fair bundle to fill your beauty salon with color. With the Color Tech Large Sample Kit you can have your Color Tech Color Book + 98 Color Tech Colors + 1 Blue Bleach + 1 White Bleach + 3 20 vol Developers. Just what your aesthetic needs to start, with the most requested colors, your range and the instruments you need to continue working without needing any shade of dye.

If you prefer RBL line dyes to achieve crazier tones we have a Special Bundle:

RBL Sample Kit

To spoil all your rebel customers who love to get out of the ordinary, we have the RBL Sample Kit that features: RBL Color Book + 23 RBL Colors + 1 White Bleach + 1 Pastelice Cream. Your aesthetic will have pure and vibrant tones with maximum fixation and most importantly, the results obtained will be just what your customers will see in the range of colors.
Remember that to obtain the tones of the range it is necessary that you acquire the bleach for RBL hair, as well as the pastel cream, as they were created exclusively thinking about those difficult to obtain tones.

Amazing UHD shades that cover gray hair

UHD Small Sample Kit

If what you are looking for is a dye created to achieve maximum gray hair coverage and achieve incredible tones, we have for you the UHD Small Sample Kit that consists of 12 incredible tones that in addition to looking full of color, help cover the gray hair at a level higher.

UHD Medium Sample Kit

Take your range of colors plus 10 UHD Colors and make your most demanding clients fall in love.

How can you get these amazing Bundles?

Very easy, visit Nutrapel Professional Hair Care, register and start your purchase.

We offer free shipping on the minimum purchase of $ 150 USD!

If you have any questions about our products, contact Nutrapel Professional Hair Care by clicking here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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