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Elastic and defined curls with Keráctive Curly

Define curls or create your own curls in 3 simple steps.

It has happened to all of us that people with curly hair look for a product that helps define their curls and nourish them; while straight people want to wear beautiful curls without damaging their hair and easy to create,

right? Well, to make our lives easier, Kreáctive Curly by Nutrapél Professional Hair Care arrived.

Keráctive Curly cares for, nourishes, defines and controls natural curling, while allowing elastic curls to be molded and created with the help of heat tools for any occasion.

The Keráctive Curly curls will look natural, free of freez, with movement and shiny appearance thanks to its rich formula of natural ingredients such as Wheat Protein, Peach Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E.

You just have to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Wash your hair every day with the Keráctive Curly Moisturizing Shampoo and rinse
2. Apply Keráctive Curly Mask and leave to pose for 10 minutes and rinse
3. If your hair is curly: Comb with Keráctive Curly Temporary Curls to define your curls and bring them to life.
4. If your hair is straight and you want to shape curls. Apply the Keráctive Curly Temporary Curls and heat comb for a perfect curl.

How to acquire the Keráctive Curly line?

• If it is the first time that you purchase a Nutrapel product, register by CLICKING HERE
• Ir you already have your registration, then CLICK HERE
• Select Keráctive Curly products
• Click on “Chekout” and voila, you can finalize your purchase

Remember we have free shipping on the minimum purchase of $ 50 USD!

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