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Daily hair care for a professional result

All our clients like to go out and be able to look like they have just left the room on a daily basis. What product do you have to recommend so that they can show off a professional result every day?

Keráctive for Daily Care is a very simple 4-step routine that helps maintain and care for longer professional hair.

1. Remove impurities from hair thoroughly with Keráctive Shampoo Purifiant with Keratin Deep cleasing, 10.14 oz. Helps prepare hair for greater effectiveness of chemical processes and adds shine.

2. Repair damaged and processed hair with Keráctive Masque Deep Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair, 12.6 oz. It renews the quality of the hair and strengthens and protects the hair fiber.

3. Repair split ends, seal the cuticle, and deliver extraordinary shine with Keráctive All in One-Split End Mender Gloss and Shine, 4.7 oz., Rinse-free.

4. Speed ​​up the drying process and take care of your hair’s heat with Keráctive Protect-Heat Protector and Quick blow dry, 4.7 oz. It also helps slide styling and cutting tools over hair.

How to acquire the Keráctive line for Daily Care?

• If it is the first time that you purchase a Nutrapel product, register by CLICKING HERE
• If you already have your registration, then CLICK HERE
• Select the Keráctiv products for Daily Care
• Click on “Chekout” and voila, you can finalize your purchase

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