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Create magical “color melting” with RBL® Urban Trends

One of the most fun activities for hairstylist is colorimetry. This is the perfect moment to bring out the “inner artist” and create magic with the hair, such as the famous “color melting”.

This technique is one of the biggest challenges for beauty professionals, which can be created with:

* Technical Knowledge
* Creatitivy
* Quality products

Why are good products important?

Many products promise to last longer. There are full range of colors that are the same , but when you work with them it turns out that they can’t deliver what they promise and you end up doing anything but a true color melting.

How to make a color melting full of color?

• Select the palette of semi-permanent colors that you are going to work with.
• Analyze the volumes you want to highlight in each client’s hair.
• Designing and doing sections will help you to distribute different colors.

Which product brand is best for color melting?

At Nutrapel Professional you can find our RBL Color for Urban Trends hair color line with incredible neon shades that glow under black light and pastel shades, as well. You can create magic on the hair with the confidence that these colors will last for long time, do not fade away and do not bleed.
Find the best semi-permanent colors that gives you everything at the same time.

Discover our products:

– RBL Semi-Permanent Cream Hair Color
– RBL Hair Bleach
– Color Book
– Pastelice Cream

You can also work the “color melting” with shades such as those found in our Color-Tech® Line and UHD® CP Line with more serious and reserved tones.

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