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CEMTEC® Cellular Membrane Complex Technology

If what you are looking for is to be able to offer your clients Hair Repair, you can find it with the technology of CEMTEC® (Cellular Membrane Complex Technology).

CEMTEC® Extreme Hair Repair Treatment is a powerful Combination of Ultra Gentle Shampoo, Extreme Repair Mask & Encapsulating Serum For Hair Reconstruction, Strengthening and Damage Control.

From the first application, since, each of the CEMTEC® products work specifically to achieve hair fiber recovery.

What is Cellular Membrane Complex (CMC) and why is it necessary for intensive hair repair?

The Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) of the hair is composed with 17 amino acids and it is found in the non-keratinous region, which consolidates the cuticle, engaging this area to the cortex (the inner part of the hair) as an intercellular cement to provide strength, cohesion and elasticity to the hair in a natural way. In addition, CMC provides the necessary amino acids in the production of keratin.

Why you need CMC in your hair?

The hair gradually loses the CMC by subjecting it to chemical (dye), thermal (iron / dryer) and / or mechanical (brushes) processes which causes a weak and brittle hair fiber.

When the loss of the CMC is greater, the damage of the hair will become very severe.

CEMTEC® Multifunctional System resets the 17 amino acids that repair the CMC and by synergy with other ingredients, this system repairs, reconstructs and strengthens from the cortex to the severely damaged hair fiber.

How does CEMTEC® work?

Ultra Gentle Shampoo (rearranges and repairs the cuticle)
It contains a natural surfactant of L-glutamic acid that cleans impurities from the hair fiber that helps prepare it for maximum penetration of Extreme Repair Mask.

Extreme Repair Mask (repair, rebuild and strengthen)
It replenishes the CMC to provide strength to the hair by rebuilding at a molecular level the structure of the hair and improving the keratin which reduces the structural damage inside the hair fiber.

Encapsulating & Illuminating Serum (encapsulates the ingredients)
It encapsulates inside the cuticle the active ingredients of the Extreme Repair Mask to continue acting during the day, offering sedocity and extreme shine.

The results of the CEMTEC® multifunctional system are incredibly visible from the first application. Each one of the products that conforms the set, performs a specific function to achieve a POWERFUL repair of the hair fiber. For amazing results, you most always use the three steps together by following the instructions for use.

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What are you waiting for, to start taking care of your clients’ hair with CEMTEC® Extreme Hair Repair Treatment?

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