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Can you bleach the hair without damaging it?

There are many myths behind the issue of hair bleaching, but the reality is that this process is necessary for several reasons.

• Provides a pale yellow base to achieve the exact shade color in dye application.
• Helps to remove unwanted pigments in the application of a dye.
• Allows you to lift the lightening levels you need to obtain a perfect base to apply the desired hair dye.

As we well know, bleaching can be an aggressive process for hair, which sometimes, this is why many people choose not to bleach and risk the hair because they are not able to achieve the tone they want, but with Nutrapel Professional Hair Care, that is no longer a reason.

If you are looking for maximum bleaching results, you just have to use Platinoxide Silk which, in addition of the bleaching process, it leaves the hair silky and manageable. Thanks to the great formula and quick lifting, it is also formulated with Arginine, an amino acids of Keratin that, when in contact with the hair, increases hair conditioning.

Platinoxide Silk offers two different types of bleach, so you can choose the one that best suits the bleaching needs you require.

We suggest to use Platinoxide Silk Lightening powder in combination with Alkemist System.
Alkemist System repairs the hair fiber during chemical treatments, such as bleaching, as it regenerates the molecular structure of the hair during the lightening process.

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