Why is it important to use a thermoprotector on the hair?
Nutrapel provides a great product for that purpose

When we finish washing the hair, it is very common to use heat tools either to dry or to comb the hair  and it looks beautiful, but it is important to know the damage that is done to the hair if a product is not used to take care of it from these high temperatures.

Straighteners, flat and curl iron, or any other heat tool, usually reach temperatures of up to 450º F which causes the hair cuticle to open, lose its natural moisture and end up looking dry, frizzy and with split ends.

To avoid this damage it is important to always use a heat protector before styling, as it will prevent the hair from breaking and becoming dull.

Nutrapél Professional Hair Care offers Keractive Protect – Heat Protect and Quick blow dry protector that offers 7 great benefits:

– It offers protection to resist the high temperatures of styling and drying tools, blocking dehydration.
– It accelerates the drying process which will help you dry your hair up to 3 times faster.
– It allows the drying or styling tools to slide more easily, preventing the hair from getting tangled.
– The hair will look shinier and silkier.
– Helps to make cutting tools easier to use.
– It controls frizz which prevents hair from generating static after a period of time.
– It also helps as a finisher to keep the hairstyle during the day.
– It has a dual phase formula, so one fase to accelerate the blow drying and the second phase to moisturize the hair and glide the brushing very easy

Tips for using Keractive Protect – Heat Protect and Quick blow dry.

  1. Apply Keractive Protect – Heat Protect and Quick blow dry at a distance of 10 – 15 inches to ensure a uniform coverage and prevent overspray in one area.
  2. After applying Keractive Protect – Heat Protect and Quick blow dry brush the hair gently with a wide bristle comb to help the product spread throughout the hair.
  3. When finishing the styling, re-apply a little of Keractive Protect – Heat Protect and Quick blow dry, so thar hair is filled with more shine and client’s hairstyle will lasts longer.
  4. Remember to shake and spray both phases to mix them on every use.

Nutrapél Professional Hair Care products can be used at the same time, there is no build up if it is desired to use more Nutrapél leave in treatments in your client’s hair.

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