The most anticipated weekend of the year has arrived at Nutrapel Professional Hair Care!

Nutrapel Professional Hair Care has everything your salon needs in order to make your clients happy and during this Black Friday you can enjoy great discounts!

Black Friday Promo 1, includes:

– 1 Lightener RBL® Hair Lightener Powder 12.3 oz
– 1 Blue Platinoxide® Powder Lightener with Silk 12.34 oz Formula 1 : 3
– 1 Alkemist® System: 4 Keraplex packets 0.24 oz. ea, 1 Cuticle Perfector, 4.5 oz, & Instructions
– 1 Platinoxide® Developer 20 Volume, 33.8 oz

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Fantastic Bundle 12 includes:

2 Keractive® Protect + 2 Keractive® Revitalizant + 2 Keractive® Curly Temporary Curls+ 2 Chocolate L’assio® Style Temporary + 2 Keractive® 911 – Emergency Reconstructive Leave-in + 2 Keractive® All In One

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Alkemist® System: 12 Keraplex packets 0.24 oz. ea, 1 Cuticle Perfector, 4.5 oz, & Instructions

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All Color Cream Tones (UHDcp , ColorTech and RBL)

Select your package

40 Color
60 Colors
75 Colors
100 Colors

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Set de 4 Vials


– Keractive® 911 Vials Reconstructive Strengthening Intensive Treatment with Aloe Vera and Amino acids (set of 12), 0.5 oz. ea
– Keractive® Pure Vials – Intensive Biomimetic Keratin Filler and Cuticle Bio-cauterization ( Set of 12), 0.5 oz.ea
– Chocolate L’assio® Care Vials Intensive Anti-frizz Treatment Set of 12, 0.5 oz each
– Keractive® Nutritive Vials Bamboo, Green Tea and Amino acids. Intensive Treatment for Dehydrated hair. For Rinse. Set of 12, 0.5 oz.ea

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