Your salon can be your own art salon with RBL® Color for Urban Trends

Your salon can be your own art salon with RBL® Color for Urban Trends

One of the wonders that we beauty experts experience is that our canvas is not paper, it’s our hair, because we can create magic on it and satisfy our clients who are looking for something different and 100% daring; and we can achieve this thanks to Nutrapel Professional’s hair color line, RBL® Color for Urban Trends.

RBL® is our opportunity to create incredible designs, as it is an easy-to-apply direct coloring with pure, vibrant and adrenaline-filled tones that allows you to achieve intense and luminous tones quickly and safely, plus you can find incredible neon tones that glow with black light!

But that’s not all RBL® Color for Urban Trends has in store for your business – you can also turn that color you love into a pastel!

With pastelizing cream you can make that shade your customer loves so much pastel without the need for a new dye, or time-consuming processes. Just add a spoonful of this cream when preparing your dye and that’s it!

Create an infinite number of colors by mixing and matching them together and play with them to give your client a truly exciting head of hair – your imagination is your limit!

At RBL® Color for Urban Trends you can find:

24 fun RBL® Rebel Color for Urban Trends, Semi-permanent Color Cream, 3.2 oz

– RBL® Pastelice Cream, 12.2 oz

– RBL® Hair Lightener Powder 12.3 oz

– RBL® Color Book Deluxe Edition

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Goodbye dry hair, welcome hydrated hair, thanks to Hidra-Active Keratin!

Goodbye dry hair, welcome hydrated hair, thanks to Hidra-Active Keratin!

The best keratin restoration treatment comes to your salon, thanks to Nutrapel Professional Hair Care!

Thanks to its active ingredients and its exclusive dual action formula, it contributes to the intelligent repair of damaged hair by moisturizing and repairing it, as it acts by forming a hydroscopic film that allows us to offer you our “MSRE”:

– Moisturizing

– Strengthening

– Repairing

– Elasticity contribution

In addition, our new Hidro-Active Keratin is very easy and practical to use, so applying it in your salon does not involve long hours of treatment like other products on the market and consists of only 3 quick steps:

Step 1: After shampooing, remove excess water and apply to your hair, massaging gently.

Step 2: Let it sit for 10 minutes

Step 3: Rinse with plenty of water and style.

Hidra-Active Keratin comes in two cream presentations:

– Small jar 12.6 oz

– Large presentation 1 Kg / 35.3oz

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Nutrapel Professional Hair Care brings to your salon the Moroccan Liquid Gold

Nutrapel Professional Hair Care brings to your salon the Moroccan Liquid Gold

Have you ever heard of the famous Moroccan Liquid Gold? What is the secret behind this liquid gold and what is it used for? Here we are going to tell you!

In addition to its beautiful architecture and impressive culture, Morocco has a unique tree in the world known as the “tree of life”, the Argan tree, whose fruit is used for the production of a highly prized oil for cosmetic and edible uses and is known today as the Liquid Gold of Morocco.

This worldwide appreciated oil has proven to have a myriad of therapeutic and nutritional properties, such as:

– Moisturizes and strengthens the hair

– Provides shine and flexibility to the hair

– Stimulates regeneration and oxygenation of the skin

– Eliminates wrinkles

– High content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

At Nutrapel Professional Hair Care we have taken the natural benefits of Argan Oil and brought them to the palm of your hands so that you can help your clients enjoy and show off beautiful, healthy-looking hair, thus recovering the natural beauty of their hair with our Keractive® Moroccan line.

Keractive® Moroccan is a line specially developed to repair hair structural damage, formulated with Argan Oil, plus a balanced combination of natural oils rich in vitamins A, D and E that restructure, repair and protect the hair fiber.

Our line has everything your hair needs:

– Keractive® Moroccan Shampoo with Argan Oil, 10.14 oz.

Repairs and leaves the hair with extraordinary softness and silkiness.

– Keractive® Moroccan Restorative Treatment with Argan Oil, 12.6 oz

Mask that repairs and strengthens, effective on damaged, brittle and over processed hair.

– Keractive® Moroccan Serum with Argan Oil, 4.7 oz

Serum that restructures the hair fiber. Forms a thermo-protective film that protects from thermal, environmental and mechanical damage. The products of our Keractive® Moroccan line have a formula developed with Argan Oil and a balanced blend of Vitamin A, D and E, Olive, Avocado, Coconut, Linen, Sunflower and Macadamia. Restructure the hair giving it a conditioned, soft and shiny appearance.

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