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Are your clients suffering from gray hair? UHDcp by Nutrapél Professional Hair, to the rescue!

As beauty experts, we know that gray hair is the loss of pigmentation in the hair due to a decrease in melanin, which is responsible for providing color to the hair. That’s why Nutrapél Professional Hair Care created its exclusive formula to make your clients’ hair look the way they want it with UHDcp (Ultra High Definition Color Performance).

We know that hair color change occurs when melanin stops being produced at the root of the hair, which causes new hair to emerge without pigment due to the death of stem cells, located at the base of the hair follicles that give rise to melanocytes (cells that produce pigment).

This depigmentation usually begins with aging and there is no turning back, but it is no reason to worry, because at Nutrapel Professional Hair Care, we took on the task of making a great formula for a permanent hair color cream that guarantees the coverage of gray hair, which you can find in UHDcp (Ultra High Definition Color Performance).

UHDcp, with a formula developed with an Artichoke derivative, helps to conserve the cohesion of the cuticle scales, preserving the natural Keratin of the hair during coloring, which allows us to guarantee perfect coverage results and healthy hair with every coloring.

Now, if your clients are very intrepid and what they are looking for, is to show the grays and make it look very original, UHDcp includes in its wide variety of colors, the Metallic Collection that includes 5 magnificent silver tones that will make the grays look fuller, shiny and beautiful.

Nutrapél Professional Hair Care recommendation:

To achieve a better gray coverage with UHDcp permanent color cream with “N” additive indication, it is necessary to mix it with 20 volume developer, this guarantees a better coverage. Net weight for every tube is 3.2 oz . Formula 1: 1 ½ FOR RESISTANT GRAYS THE BEST FORMULA IS 1:1 MIXING WITH 30 VOLUME DEVELOPER. In both formulations, for best result please process the hair for 45 minutes. You will be amazed by the incredible and 100% coverage results.

Download your UHDcp (Ultra High Definition Color Performance) digital Color Book by clicking here.

If you are interested in buying UHDcp (Ultra High Definition Color Performance) permanent hair color for 100 % Gray Coverage, click here

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