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Intense Color with Smart Repair Technology

Advanced BioTech Nutritive Technology that acts in a dual way, maximizing color particles and intelligently repairing the damage detected in the hair before colouring, providing structural strength to the hair.

Permanent dye with shades specially designed for gray hair coverage

UHDCP Permanent Cream Dye added with Additive N for Maximum Gray Coverage. Covers up to 100% of gray hair with high definition colors and natural reflections.

Fun, long-lasting semi-permanent shades

Change your hair color with 23 long-lasting semi-permanent shades.

Choose the tone that defines you and reinvent yourself as many times as you want by creating your own range of colors by mixing the tones together.


The results of the CEMTEC multifunctional system are INCREDIBLY visible from the FIRST APPLICATION.

Maximum lightening power with silk action

PLATINOXIDE® SILK leaves hair silky and manageable after bleaching thanks to its fast-lightening formula with Arginine, a Keratin amino acid with high affinity to the hair fiber that increases conditioning when in contact with the hair.

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Keractive® 911 Vials Reconstructive Strengthening Intensive Treatment with Aloe Vera and Amino acids.


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Color-Tech® Biotech Nutritive

Tinte Prmanente en Crema.
Permanent Hair Color Cream

Color-Tech® Biotech Nutritive

Tinte permanente en crema
Permanent Hair Color Cream


RBL® Rebel Colour for Urban Trends

Tinte Semi-Permanente en Crema
Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

RBL® Rebel Colour for Urban Trends

Tinte Semi-Permanente en Crema
Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream


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UHD® Ultra High Definition Color Performance

Formula Espcial para Maxima Cobertura de Cana
Special Formula for Maximum Gray Coverage

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Lighteners & Developers

Vials Intensive Treatments

Leave-In Treatments


Permanent Treatments for Straight and Curly Hair

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Bundles & Sale

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Bundle 75
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UHDcp® Bundles

UHD® Bundle = 50 UHD colors +

4 Developers 20 Volume + Keractive Moroccan Argan Oil + Platinoxide Blue Bleach Jar + 911 Emergency Integral Set of 3

UHD® Bundle = 75 UHD colors +

5 Developers 20 Volume + Cemtec Luxury Set + Alkemist System Set (4 pack)

UHD® Bundle = 35 UHD colors +

3 Developers 20 Volume + Keractive Moroccan Argan Oil + Platinoxide Blue Bleach Jar

UHD® Bundle = 15 UHD colors +

1 UHD Colorbook FREE + 2 Developers 20 volume 33 oz. FREE

RBL® Bundles

RBL® Bundle = 20 RBL shades + 2 Pastelice Cream + Keractive All in One Serum









RBL® Bundle = 30 RBL shades + 3 Pastelice Cream + 2 Keractive All in One Serum

RBL® Lightener Bundle = 3 White Powder Lightener + Free Platinoxide Developer 20 Volume

RBL® Bundle = 18 RBL shades + Free RBL Colorbook + Free 2 Pastelice Creams

Color-Tech® Bundles

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Color-Tech® Bundle 75

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Color-Tech® Bundle 35

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Color-Tech® Bundle 18

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