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911 my client requires urgent rescue for damaged hair!

As hair experts, we know that the hair gradually loses the cuticle layers due to 3 different treatments:

– Chemical (bleach and color)
– Thermal (flat iron / blow dryer)
– Mechanical (brushes)

All mentioned above causes a weak and brittle hair fiber demanding an urgent and emergency repairing. Where can you find an Integral Emergency System that repairs the fiber from the first application?

Nutrapel Professional Hair Care is going to reveal its secret for you to achieve that emergency repair for damaged hair with its Integral Emergency System combined with 3 different products.

– Keractive® Shampoo Purifiant with Keratin, 10.14 oz for deep cleansing or dry and damaged hair.
– Keractive® Masque Deep Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair, 12.6 oz to reverse the aggressions to which the hair fiber has been subjected and help to strengthen it.
– Keractive® 911 – Emergency Reconstructive Leave-in treatment, 10.14 oz to intensively strengthen and condition the hair, close the cuticle and improve the hair texture.
– Keractive® 911 Vials Reconstructive Strengthening Intensive Treatment with Aloe Vera and Amino acids (set of 12), 0.5 oz. each. that strengthen and provide advanced repair to damaged hair for a healthier appearance, immediately.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are recommended daily for maintenance and prevention of damage.

We recommend using the ampoules 2 or 3 times a week.

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