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3 steps to use the precision scale to weigh

Take advantage of this quarantine to learn super necessary little tips and apply them in your beauty salon to achieve a perfect job.

All tints come with clear instructions that beauty professionals must follow to the letter. This is in order to achieve the exact coloration that is expected, because otherwise, you may add a few more grams of peroxide and the coloration is no longer the same.

For this reason it is essential to use a precision scale to prepare your mix and that the color is identical to what the packaging indicates.

On this occasion Nutrapél Professional Hair Care offers you 3 simple steps that you must follow in order to properly use the scale to weigh the dye.

Before using your scale, make sure it is calibrated so that you can accurately weigh.

1. Place your bowl on the scale. You will see that it indicates the weight of the container. Press the button again to return it to 0.
2. Pour the content of the dye according to the formula that the manufacturer indicates.
Example 1: If it asks you to be 1 + 1, it means that it must have the same amount of dye or bleach and peroxide.
3. A tube of dye usually has 30 grams of product, which means that the amount of peroxide must also be 30 grams.
Once you have the 30 gr of dye in your bowl. Return to zero the scale and watch the peroxide until you reach 30 gr.

Example 2:
If the formula says 1 + 1.5, this means that it must be your dye (30 gr) plus 45 gr of peroxide, which you must always measure with the scale to achieve the coloration or discoloration you want.

The objective of using the scale is that you achieve the exact formula indicated by the manufacturer so that you reach the identical tone and do not risk putting a little more peroxide and having to see yourself in the need to add more dye and so on until you achieve a endless story.

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